Microsoft Expression Web 2

Microsoft Expression Web 2

Product Overview:


Automatically check for emails, be notified when new email has arrived, filter out spam and blacklisted emails, and more…
Soft191 Mail Check is an easy to use software application that allows you to automatically check for emails, filter our spam and blacklisted emails, be notified when a new email has arrived and detect which emails are from friends/trusted sources. Works with POP3 accounts (most ISPs use these) and Google and Yahoo mail etc.

All this is done without permanently downloading the emails, which remain on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) server(s). As a precaution you can have deleted emails automatically saved to a database on your hard drive, allowing you to retrieve any legitimate emails which may have been accidentally deleted.

Details of any emails which were found will be displayed in a list, sorted in order of the date they were sent. You can then decide which emails to keep, or add to specific filters (such as your friends list or blacklist). Some emails will already be marked as friends (depending if you have any in your friends list), blacklisted (depending if you have any addresses in your blacklist), as spam (depending if a filter caught it) or simply as undetermined.

Support Windows Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

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